13 Downloadable Audio Interviews, Word for Word Transcripts With Music Pros About Gigging in Asia.

Wouldn’t it be nice to gig on a regular basis, experience living in a different country, make good money, and have a rewarding music career in Asia?

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 Nikki Glen. Violinsist, Vocalist, Entertainer.  USA.  2014

Hi Harry,  Hope you are fine. Just to let you know that in a week I’ll be on my way for a 3-6 month gig with Micky Murphy on Maldives Islands, thanks to your gigging in Asia guide and recommendation. Now Im in Paris, but she called me when I was still in China, where I worked 8 months this year. Thanks a lot man, I wish you a great december hope to meet you in the future in Taiwan.  All the best!

Xavier Padilla.  Bass player, Composer and Arranger.  Paris, France.  2013

My partner Mick and I were so surprised at how much content there is, and more importantly, how completely relevant it is. The information is so useful, and we also liked that it gives a “feel” about what the Asian scene is about.
You’ve truly created a comprehensive guide covering things we hadn’t even thought of yet, we feel very confident now in taking the leap to the Asian music scene.  Congratulations on a fabulous product, and thank you once again.
Lauren Cook.  SHOWPONY.  2013
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Xavier Padilla.   Bass player, Composer and Arranger.  Paris, France.  2012

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Christophe Ledru.  Singer/Guitar player.   Tenerife island, Canary Islands.  2012

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Mark Tilford.  Bass player.  San Antonio, Texas.  2012


In this collection, you’ll hear me interview seasoned musicians, vocalists and booking agents who have all cracked the code to getting gigs in Asia and who can teach you how to do the same.

I wish I’d have had this information when I first considered finding gigs outside North America.

Back then, I didn’t have the time or money to invest in my career as a musician.  So, I kept running around with the same crowd scraping by doing the same old lousy one niters and other gigs that hardly made any money.

I naively believed my family, friends and other musicians when they told me that the reason I wasn’t seeing results was because being a musician was a dead end street.

So, I kept running aimlessly, working senseless part time jobs, waiting for gigs and phone calls and waiting for some hope to show up at my door.

And after a while, when nothing happened, I’d finally had enough. That’s when I decided to plan my move to Asia.






Greetings Fellow Musician,

I’m Harry Schnur

For the last year, I’ve been interviewing the world’s best Music experts.

When I was young, I saw how my father struggled to pay the bills as a house painter.

I had a burning desire to be a musician.

My family and friends called me a dreamer and told me I would fail.

I felt like I had no one who believed in me.

And despite it all, I became a successful producer, composer and studio musician.

I now live in Taipei, Taiwan, and it was in 2001 I listened to that little voice inside my head urging me to set off to Taiwan. I knew the economic situation in the West was changing and that more and more folks were setting their sights on Asia.

I also wanted to give my long distance relationship with my girl friend-(now my wife) a shot.  It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Even though I came here without knowing anyone in the music scene, I became band leader at the top jazz and latin club in Taipei, Taiwan.  I managed to score the choice gigs and perform with the awesome players living here as well as backing up and jamming with various heavy hitters in the industry who passed through Asia.

Now let’s be clear, this all didn’t happen over night.  I made mistakes, embarrassed myself and had quite a few WTH moments.

This audio information package is perfect for the motivated and passionate musician like me, who’s looking for a rewarding full-time music career in Asia.

But putting together this information wasn’t easy.

First, it took me about three years to figure out the ins and outs of gigging in Taiwan and around Asia.

Second, I had to seek out and interview the top foreign musicians and performers who are currently gigging in Asia. These had to be proven pros and successful artists.

Then, I spent at least seventy hours editing the interviews and I paid a few hundred of dollars to transcribe them.

But it was all worth it because this collection is so complete and useful, I’m certain you won’t be able to find it anywhere else.

Listen to these audio interviews or read the word for word transcripts and you’ll gain understanding about the gigging scene in Asia and that you too can also have a rewarding career as a musician in Asia.




4 downloadable mp3 audio life lessons, word for word transcripts about gigging in Asia.

These life lessons are based on my personal experience from what I struggled with after I moved to Asia:

  1. 17 Things You Need to Have Before and After You Get Here

  2. 5 Fatal Mistakes Musicians Make in Asia

  3. 7 Tips That Will Help You Have a Rewarding Experience in Asia

  4. Gigs, Requirements and Salary

More Details Scroll Down.


9 tightly editied downloadable mp3 audio interviews, word for word transcripts with music experts.

In these 9 audio interviews you’ll hear me drill music pros and booking agents who have all experienced something different from me and who have faced new challenges gigging in Asia.

These are the music pros who have all cracked the code to getting gigs in Asia and who can teach you how to do the same, short cutting your time, pain and frustration helping you understand the gigging game in Asia:

  1. Secrets From A Pro- An American Vocalist Shares 20 Plus Years of Experience Gigging and Living in Asia.

  2. The Older Brother You Wish You Had In Asia.

  3. The Asian Perspective From an Accomplished Musician and   Educator From Japan.

  4. One of the More Charismatic Entertainers and Booking Agents in Taiwan.

  5. Super Busy Performing Artist who Spends Most of Her Time Gigging in Asia.

  6. Top Expat Bass Players Gives His 17 Years of Wisdom Working and Living in Taiwan.

  7. Saxophonist Hailing from The New York City Area Who is Now Based in Shanghai China.

  8. The Founder of the Leading Entertainment Agency in Taiwan and Shanghai.

  9. Solo Pianist Guru in Asia Tells All.




  • 17 Things You Need to Have Before and After You Get Here

Presuming you have all of the necessary immigration and legal documents, plane tickets, passports, etcetera.
You’ll save time and money with these practical ideas from the start and what you should bring with you or get shortly after you arrive in Asia.

3-minute audio, 4 page report.


  • 5 Fatal Mistakes Musicians Make in Asia

When I first arrived in Taiwan, I screwed up big time. I learned these costly and embarrassing mistakes the hard way. I wish I had a mentor sharing this information with me when I first got started.

Now, you don’t have to make the same mistakes that I made. I’m going to save you lots of grief, embarrassment and aspirin.

I’ve seen quite a few foreigners who are generally good folks mess up and lose potential gigs because they were not aware of some of the dos and don’ts while gigging here in Asia.

You’ll be ready to land your first gig with confidence in no time after you listen to this audio lesson.

3-minute audio, 3 page report.


  • 7 Tips That Will Help You Have a Rewarding Experience in Asia

There are still some things in life that at times make me say  “…now that’s really interesting!”  I’m referring to some of the customs and superstitions which are prevalent throughout Asia.

Now don’t get me wrong, I feel privileged to practice some of these customs.  And as an outsider, in this 5-minute audio and 3 page report I’ll show you some of the things Asian folks really appreciate and expect as proper etiquette.

5-minute audio, 3 page report.


  • Gigs, Requirements and Salary

Here’s the information everyone needs to know.
These numbers are what are currently being offered to musicians and vocalists who are gigging at hotels, clubs, weddings and special events in Asia.

Forget what your friends tell you or what your friend’s brothers best friends ex-girl friends brother in-law who was once in a wedding band says, or what agents with fancy websites are telling you-here’s the deal.

In this 11-minute and 6 page report I go over the kinds of gigs that are out there and all of the conditions under which you will need to perform.

You’ll also gain solid advice on how to become the best you can be and you’ll discover why we expatriate musicians are here and why we’re loving it!

11-minute report, 6 page report.


5.     Secrets From A Pro- An American Vocalist Shares 20 Plus Years of Experience Gigging and Living in Asia

Mandy has performed with such Jazz greats as Wynton Marsalis and so many others and was also artist in residence at the Ritz Carlton Hotel Shanghai, China.

There’s something about a woman who can extinguish the most obnoxious, attention deprived, ego maniac in the audience with her vocal charm and confidence.  It’s probably due to the years of conquering stages across the globe and not talking B.S from anyone and of course booking her own gigs.

In this interview you’ll be privy to the years of experience about performing and living in Asia.  What you need in your bio and wardrobe. As well as handling the audience.

You’ll learn about the typical contracts in clubs and hotels, opportunities for musicians and performers in Asia; and what she expects from the musicians who back her up.
And So Much More.

14-minute audio, 8 page word for word transcript

6.     The Older Brother You Wish You Had In Asia

Tom Pizzi is a seasoned pro pianist who isn’t holding back any punches about gigging and living in Asia.

He’s performed with such notables as: Frank Gorshin, Red Buttons, Norm Crosby, Gabe Kaplan, Carol Lawrence, Freddie Roman, Andrea Bocelli, Little Anthony & the Imperials, Jay Corre and Bob Newhart.

Tom is a no-nonsense kind of fellow; he’s the “older brother” any one would want to hang out with, a great arranger and band leader.

In this interview, Tom shares his views about:

  • His first gig in Taiwan

  • Tips For Getting Started

  • Why you should not depend on what other musicians say about gigs.

  • All about the locals and what you need to know about their work ethics

  • What to consider other than working gigs 5 nights a week

  • Some of the good and bad things about working and living in Taiwan

  • And Much More

7-minute audio, 5 page word for word transcript.


7.     The Asian Perspective From an Accomplished Musician and Educator From Japan

In this interview, you’ll meet Mass.  Originally form Osaka, Japan.  He’s an outstanding guitarist and educator who has studied music in the US and is currently based in Taiwan.

When he isn’t producing bands, teaching and gigging; Mass moonlights as a consultant for one of the top multinational music companies.

He’s passionate about music and life and has, well, that cool as a cucumber Japanese thang going on.

He shares his experience with me about:

  • Approaching music companies for sponsorship or endorsements

  • The musical and cultural differences between Japan and North America

  • What the Asian music market is looking for

  • Some of the differences performing in China and Japan

  • A story about police informants in Taiwan

  • Japanese production company perfectionists

  • And Much More

18-minute audio, 10 page word for word transcript.


8.     One of the More Charismatic Entertainers and Booking Agents in Taiwan

Ok, she’s even sexier than she sounds, but that’s not important.

What is important is that Luna knows what she taking about in this interview. She’ll tell you the plain-speaking truth about gigging in Taiwan.

Luna talks to me about:

  • Her views on the Taiwan and US music scene

  • Gigs in Taiwan

  • Getting hotel gigs in Taiwan

  • The legalities in gigging in Taiwan

  • Press kits

  • What it takes to be successful in the music business in Taiwan

  • How you don’t have to be a great player or performer to make good money in Taiwan

  • And Much More

10- minute audio, 6 page word for word transcript


9.     Super Busy Performing Artist who Spends Most of Her Time Gigging in Asia

Micki’s career has taken her to England, Germany, South America, Japan, Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, and China.

Super busy is right.  You wouldn’t know it if you met her.  She seems like the shy and quite type, but when she gets on stage-watch out! She’s all business and Micki knows exactly what she wants and she gets it too.

The advice she gives in this interview is pure gold.

In this interview Micki talks about:

  • Her first experience performing in Asia

  • What you need to take care of if  you’re thinking of gigging in Asia

  • How it’s important to think long-term

  • Things you need to know about living in Asia

  • What booking agents are looking for

  • What you need in your bio

  • The different kinds of promotional photos you need

  • The importance of having a website

  • Getting the big gigs

  • Her wardrobe and what outfits work

  • Designing her own outfits

  • The good and bad and the ugly about living and working in Asia

  • Feeling safe in Asia

  • The Asian mentality

  • How long her typical contracts are

  • Selling her own merchandise on the gig

  • And So Much More

21-minute audio, 16 page word for word transcript

10.     Top Expat Bass Players Gives His 17 Years of Wisdom Working and Living in Taiwan

Rick is one of the top bass players who lives and works in Taipei, Taiwan.

He plays both the Upright and the Electric bass. He’s been around the block, has the chops and knows the deal.

In this interview Rick shares some great tips with me as he talks about:

  • A typical crazy gig that musicians sometimes have to play

  • How vital it is to develop your ears before you get here

  • The kind of work available

  • How gigs in Taiwan are different then those in the West

  • Some of the popular tunes you need to know

  • Leaving your strong ideas at home

  • Why some foreigners don’t last in Asia

  • The kind of gear you’ll find on stage

  • And Much More

10-minute, 6 page word for word transcript.


11.     Saxophonist Hailing from The New York City Area Who is Now Based in Shanghai China

Possessing the sensibilities, and concentration of a watch maker; it’s always about the details and precision in what ever he tackles.

Alec Haavik is considered one of six of the most notable personalities in Shanghai, China.

Aside from his insane skills as a saxophonist and composer he shares some interesting tips about:

  • A ladies underwear gig

  • What advice he would give anyone who is considering working and living as a musician in Asia

  • How being a foreigner enables him to develop his music in Asia

  • How if you can stick it out, there’s lots of work in Shanghai

  • The fabric market in Shanghai and designing  his own tailor-made clothes

  • He also talks about being featured on Lonely Planet’s Six Degrees Shanghai

  • And Much More

13-minute audio, 6 page word for word transcript


12.     The Founder of the Leading Entertainment Agency in Taiwan and Shanghai

They are responsible for hiring musicians, vocalists, and entertainers for hotels, clubs, recording sessions, and other audio production projects both in Shanghai and Taiwan.

Jonah Ko isn’t your typical agent.  He tells the truth and he has a heart.  I guess it’s because he’s the proud father of a new baby girl.

I asked him about the gigging game in Asia and he gives me the inside scoop about:

  • The differences between musicians in the West and in the East

  • The gigging opportunities in Asia

  • What his agency is looking for in a musician, vocalist or band

  • Who you need to contact for a gig in a hotel

  • Why he prefers to hire a whole band from abroad rather than just the singer

  • What you need in your press kit

  • How many nights a week and how many sets you’ll need to perform

  • Selling your own merchandise

  • About exclusivity

  • What is included in the hotel as a hired performer

  • About health insurance

  • His advice for musicians vocalists or performers who want to perform in Asia

  • Working visas

  • Where to find an agent who books gigs in Asia

  • And  Much More

15-minute audio, 10 page word for word transcript.


13.     Solo Pianist Guru in Asia Tells All

Josh is one of the most in demand solo pianists in Asia.
While diplomats and big shot bankers frequent the hotels he plays at you’ll find Josh either twinkling the ivories, working out in the gym or helping himself to a third helping of Sushi and a plate of baby onions at the buffet.

Although his main focus is creating his own music, throughout his career he has enabled himself to leave the cold Canadian winters and gig in the top luxury hotels throughout Asia.

If there’s anyone who would know the score working as a musician in the Asian hotel scene –Josh is the man.

In this interview Josh talks to me about:

  • How hotels gig operate

  • The positive things about hotel gigs

  • Playing dedications

  • How he challenges himself while he’s on the job

  • Agents who deal exclusively in the Asian market

  • Getting into the hotel gigging scene

  • What he does in his spare time while gigging at the hotel

  • How you can find ways to balance creativity with your responsibilities to the hotel

  • Where to find agents who book musicians for overseas work

  • Culture shock

  • How well he gets treated

  • The clientele

  • Tips and how they add to his salary

  • Selling his own merchandise

  • How many sets he plays

  • The hotels budget

  • Why hotels prefer to use agents

  • How lots of people are getting into the agents game

  • How musicians need to get what they’re worth

  • Dealing directly with the hotel

  • Increasing your salary

  • The less than scrupulous agents

  • Networking

  • And Much More

13-minute audio, 7 page word for word transcript.

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Be prepared! The last thing you want to say or hear on stage is when a singer calls out a tune is “Hey…how does that one go again?” With this list, that’s not going to happen to you. I have found 99.9% of the singers I’ve performed with throughout Asia seem to share the same song list. And you don’t want to be the odd man out. Yours with your order today.

2.     The 27 Most Important Phrases in Mandarin

If you’re going to work in Asia, you’ll need to know the lingo. You can do it the hard way but that’ll take you months and loads of embarrassing mistakes. For example, “Pee Pee” means “butt” in Mandarin slang.  Need I say more? Order today and you’ll be able to join in the conversation and know what’s going on.

3.     Bilingual Delicious Food Menus

Asians know how to eat! Asian food is healthy, tasty and fresh. And it’s this kind of quality food that you’ll need to keep up your gigging feeling vibrant and energized. Eat the wrong food and you’ll suffer. I’ve put together two bilingual menus filled with savory and sweet delights that you must try. You’ll know what’s good and what’s not with this bonus when you order now.



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